How to Get to the Boat by Car and by Rail
Take the Long Island Rail Road

It is easy to get here from New York City. Take the Long Island Rail Road, Port Washington branch from Penn Station. Port Washington is less than one-hour by train. If there are five people traveling together round trip, it's cost-effective to purchase one "10-trip off-peak" ticket.

LIRR Timetable

At the end of the line you can easily get a cab to the Town Dock or walk. The cab ride is about $6.00.

The LIRR Station house is situated on Main Street and if you’d rather walk, head straight for Starbucks (left) and enjoy the stroll along Main Street — it’s about ¾ mile to the Town Dock.

Some of our customers bring their bicycles on the railroad. You'll need to buy a pass in advance for this. A $5 bike pass lasts a lifetime, but bicycles can travel only during off-peak hours. Bring a lock, as we cannot take bicycles on the boat.  

towndock image
This colorful boat, pictured at right, calls attention to the Town Dock on Main Street in Port Washington.

Take Your Car
From points East:
Take the Long Island Expressway
(I-495) West to Exit 36 - Searingtown Rd / Shelter Rock Rd. Turn right on Searingtown Rd. **directions continue below...

From points West:
Take the Long Island Expressway (I-495) East to Exit 36 - Searingtown Rd / Port Washington. Turn left onto Searingtown Rd. **directions continue below...

**In 1.3 miles, you'll cross Northern Blvd. (25A) and Searingtown Road becomes Port Washington Blvd.

From the Northern Blvd. junction it is approximately 2.7 miles to Main Street. Turn left onto Main Street. You’ll drive 1-mile along Main Street down the hill, pass the Town Dock parking lot on the right, pass Louie's, make the next right into the parking lot at 405 Main Street.  

If the lot is full, please park in the public parking lot Town of Hempstead dock and walk over.